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Need Apples or Pears for your animals, Call us. We have Apples and pears pretty much year round..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               $ 9  a 20 - 25 pound bag          
                                                                   $ 12 for  50 lb's
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The Feed Store - Destiny Farm Animal Foods [ Feeds ]
Feeds we produce for our own animals are now available for yours. 
 Complete feeds for Chickens, Turkey's, Game Birds [ Our own Blend ]
Scratch Grains 

. They are all  produced from Base Grains that are , natural Ingredients.
Depending on the mix or animal, they will represent 65 -75% of the Mix [ 24% Protein on average ]. 
Then we add in the Basic supplements that each type animal or bird will need to meet the basic Vitamin and Mineral Requirements. We than finish off the mix depending on your needs, More protein, Energy or roughage. Or, If you want Soy or Corn free. You tell us and we'll make it work. 


    All our Feeds are $14.00 a 50 lb Bag. High Protein. 

        Chicken Feed, Meat Bird,  Turkey  or Game Bird feed, Scratch Grains, Cracked Corn, Ground Alfalfa, Just about any type of feed stuff you need, Just send us an email and let us know how much you want. 
      Just give us a call or send us an email so we can get the specific's of your animals needs and  purpose, we will mix your feed to match. 

                                  Chicken feed,  - $14.00 a 50 pound bag. 

 Each order is for one fifty pound bag of a feed of your choice. Only  $14.00 ea.  
Have you read a feed tag lately? Would you eat it? Or lay an egg in appreciation ?  On ours they will, if you don't eat it first.... But don't, it's for your birds or animals....
 Just common sense, known natural feed stuff, Your animals love to eat ........
Email or Call anytime   248-789-5384 
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                              Call us anytime if you have a Question -  248-789-5384

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As of March 21st, 2012.   Destiny Farm Is now a Licensed, Michigan Feed manufacturer.   We can sell you our own mix, Whole Grains or Mix to your specifications.  Call us anytime with your feed Needs.   Mike 248-789-5384

All feed sales are on hold till Spring /        2014