Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants List
Wholesale Plants ListWholesale Plants List
Need Herb's ???
 We grow a Large verities of Herb Plants Ready for your canning or Cooking  Needs. Dill, Mints, sage and more. 
Want  Started Plants  -  
                                                  Large, ready to put in your garden
                       $ 2.50 Each, any plant on Page one or two
                       $ 2.00 each if you order in a 18plant flat

  Smaller Plants at a cheaper Price 
 We Do Plugs, Small Plants, Big roots and we can ship these
  Minimum order 25 plugs, any Vegetables, Herbs, Annuals
   Mix trays are OK,  60 cents a plant  

 Order a container garden and Pick it Up when you are ready?
 Call Joni if you would like us to deliver it 

Small Container Garden - 1 Plant                         $12.50

Large hanging container  Garden - 3 Plants     $18.50

Large Container Garden - 2 plants and 2 Herbs     $25.00

Super pot - Container Garden - You Tell us what you like and we will  put it all together 3 large plants and 4 herb plants

     Order Container Gardens by March 1  for best results for Mothers day ..
On container Gardens, you tell us the types of plants, tomato, cucumber, Sweet pepper, Beans, etc.. We will pick the plants and get it put together.
  Pick it up on the way to moms or home to the wife
You can always call Joni and she can help ..... 
                                         248-789-5384 anytime
Vegetable Plants and Produce
          We Grow allot of Plants, We are a family run Farm and Greenhouse. We grow plants, Not so good on the web thing..
            Please, Let us Supply the Best plants for your garden, We Care and We promise you will be happy you did. 
Plants  We grow 
 and sell.   also as started or
     Container Garden  plants
These Plants Are available in 3" pots,  or18 plant Flats
           Health Kick- twice the lico's
                           early girls
                            big beef
                           super beefsteak
                           Roma                                                   big boy
                          jet star - low acid
                         lemon - low acid
                        jelly bean
                        sweet 100
cucumbers pickling and slicer's
 Only in 3"         earlypride
   pots                burpeeseedless
                         Boston pickle
                         pickle bush
                         burpee pickle

                             Royal burgundy
  Only in                Kentucky wonder
   3" peat           Golden wax
   pots                Gator green
                         Asparagus bean

                        Georges favorite                                    Green goliath
                         Broccoflower - roman
                          early snowball
                           self blanch

                    jalapeno m
                    California wonders
                    long red cayenne
                    red,yellow and green

                   zucchini elite
                   black beauty
                 golden yellow zucchini's
                  vegetable spaghetti
                  straight and crooked neck
   eggplant-black beauty,white wonder

5 kinds watermelons
3  small melons                         
  pumpkins,gourds , 
  beets , collards ,  turnips
  onions , radish, lettuce
Corn      luscious- enh.sugar
                   sweet ice- ss.white
                   delectable - s.yellow
                   honey and creme

Buy a lettuce basketHang it out side that window and also have fresh lettuce for that salad. Most people don't know that lettuce grows like weeds and a small pot can grow all the lettuce you can use.
Ask about our onion, chives and radish and herb pots, Or any combination you wish. Some plants are shallow rooted and some are deep rooted. With the right combo, the plants will use the whole pot to grow. Your own farm fresh mini farm. You can, Grow your own.

email me

 Need Strawberry Plants  Strawberry Plant Special.  Assortment Packs of at least two of the best types - Everbearing and June Bearing for a consistent supply, all summer long . 20 plants is the Minimum you should plant.
                          Only room for 15 ? 
Just plant them a little closer together, thin them out at the end of the year... 
and then give a few to a neighbor. Love thy neighbor as you love yourself, Says the Lord             
 2 - 3 types, full season of strawberry's  25 plants  -        
                     From our own Plants                          $12.00 
                                  Hit the Button to go back to our home page.
The Stand at Destiny Farm
1/2 mile north of I96 on Kensington RD
Opens Feb, 5th, 9am to 8pm closes Oct. 31. In the spring its falling over with Fresh picked veggie's
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plants
Greenhouse , plantsGreenhouse , plants
Main Greenhouse  
sits at the end of front driveway. Customers pull up the drive for a shorter walk, and some toot the horn to let Joni know they are here.
usually , the dogs are the first to say hi. LOL.
This is our sign That sits on Kensington road . When you see the sign , start slowing  down and turn right onto windy hollow, the next street.
 You Are There.  See Ya Soon !!!
Container Gardening
Don't have a spot for a garden or The deer eat everything you plant?  We grow a lot of container gardens that can be moved around the yard, placed on the patio or on the balcony of your apartment. We can plant a special one for you. We can plant you a tomato and lettuce  or how about tomato's and cuc's and lettuce and beans? Those two planters will give you an almost endless supply of  fresh salad fixing's.Just Let us know your favorites and we will put it together for you.
The sooner you put in your order, the sooner the plants will give you its bounty. We can hold on to them till the end of may for you.  Please order soon, The sooner you order the sooner I can get started making you a Masterpiece,   Please, Order these Like, NOW.. 
Joni @ 248-789-5384
We should have a good harvest of Raspberry's this year for U-pick. Red, purple and Seedless yellow.

     Tomato's -     Peppers
Health Kick - Heart smart                              Sweet Rainbow, Bells
Bush celebrity- small bush,heavy yields         sweet Banana aconcagua- stuffers
Black Krim  -  Russian heirloom                       sweet king of the north - Bells
Abe Lincoln - heirloom                                          Giant red bell  -  Bells
Baxter early Bush cherry
Bonnie Best - Quality canner                             Cucumbers
Box car Willie - heirloom                                White Wonder-slicer
Cherokee purple heirloom                                  Lebanese - heirloom
Delicious   great taste and quality                     Homemade - heirloom
Early Girl - most grown
Goliath Bush - Huge ,small plant                   
Great White Beefsteak- heirloom              And More !!!!!!!!!!!!
Oregon Spring - very early
Siberian - sets tomato's in the cold
Oxheart Red - true tomato
Omar's Lebanese - rare  heirloom
Sweet Million - Lots of SW. cherry's

For Prices or to place an order, Look below

We can Grow and sell Produce from  plants on this page. You can come and pick them yourself at anytime or we will pick them for you. You can Pick them up at the farms, Roadside stand or We can send them to your front door, Or even deliver  on a weekly Basis. 
Looking to start an Herb garden, We plan on growing about every herb there is this year, starter plants and in planters. You can call Joni and she will take the herbs you would like to grow and plant them in a hanging basket or a patio pot to set on your deck for fresh herbs all summer. She can grow up to 5 types in one pot. Remember, the sooner the bigger. We would love to get you one started today. The Veggie and herb pots are between $6 and $20 this year, depending on size of the pot. 
 Price's      You can mix and match flat's 
    3.5" potted  -  any plant  Large trans Plant  - $2.00/plant
   Plant Flat's - 18 plants in 3.5" pots  - $24.00
   Full size Plants - ready to produce , must be preordered   -  $15
 Patio Pot Veggies - just take home and Pick - $8 - $65
 Container Gardens -   We do them, Large and small
  Need Plugs, Small plant but a cheap way to plant alot,   .35 /plant Vegetables, annuals
   Put in your Order in the plants category in the store    These,   Can Be Shipped
Hey Early Looker's , Want to see the NEW Plant List that we will be adding to the 2017 Growing season?   Click on the Button to see   WHAT'S NEW ??
We still grow everything on this Page 
We are just adding more, Check' em out
Plants you can't get anywhere but a
    Destiny Farm       Just push my button......
2009 New Plants

Ready to plant by April  23rd
call Joni now to have her put your name on a few - 248-789-5384 
 All these grow in cold soil
Oregon spring Tomato's
Georgia Collards
Red acre Cabbage
Quick Green cabbage
Quick white cauliflower
Tumbling tom's - red & Yellow
American Leeks
onion and garlic Chives
Brussel sprouts - Long Island
Spinach - whale tail & Long stand
Lettuce- Muscilin Mix
Lemon Grass
Siberian Tomato's
Patio sweet Peppers - Grow in patio pots
Temptation strawberry's
Fragissimo strawberry's
Hanging Baskets we have started
Lettuce Pots    -          10" basket
Spinach Pots    -         10" basket
Tumbling tom's     -    12"  basket
Green beans    -  Patio pot or Basket
Snow peas     -   patio pot or Basket
Sweet & Hot pepper -  Patio Pots
           $12 Just water and eat
Fresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Fresh VegetablesFresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Fresh VegetablesFresh VegetablesFresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Fresh VegetablesFresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Fresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Fresh Vegetables
Fresh VegetablesFresh Vegetables
Need Herbs           3" pot
Any Herbs   $2.50 / plant
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email me

CSA Info .

Details for this years CSA Memberships are  Listed here , We are working  to make the 2017 CSA the Best ever.
Check it out and Own a piece of the gardens here at Destiny Farm.
We grow what you want and you can pick it when you want..
for 1 full farm year... not just 16 weeks like all the rest......

Our Left Over Farm Seeds
Every year I have left over seeds, Onion Bulbs, Seed potato's, Leek sets, and More.  We have to buy these in large quantify to get the  
 " Good price". Then when we are done planting by mid may every 
year I say, Dang, I should have asked everyone if they wanted any, and end up throwing most away.  If you maybe want some, checkout the Farm Specials Page.

CLick on this button for the Specials
Early season special
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