The Pig Pen Pig Pen
Pork is available year round in Michigan.  Pork producers are one of the hardest hit by the economy.  
Please support them before they are all gone. 
The Pig Pen
All Types,  Piglets to Sows.  Sold Live or Butchered, Wrapped and Ready for your freezer.  The other White Meat
     Destiny Farm - Brighton Township - 1/2 mile north of I 96 on Kensington Road - Exit 151 off I 96

We have Hemp, York Cross Pigs That will be 225 pounds and are ready to process 
    If you want them as Breeders, they are $400 ea. If you want them ready for the freezer $500 including processing. 
 These Pigs have only eaten pumpkins, Apples, Sweet Corn, squash and all the over size Vegetables, Organically grown,  from our gardens. And Yogurt, Barley, Granola, Nuts, Oats and chocolate.  The best tasting Pork money can buy. 
 They have never been given any steroids, Antibiotics or Chemicals of any kind.  They have had a great life and now it is time for them to go.  
This is the best time to fill your freezer with pork. These pigs have had all natural foods all summer and Apples, Pumpkins and sweet corn [ non-gmo ] for the last two months.  Simply the Best. Family Farm Raised for your Family.
     Whole or Half's are available.   Call or Email and we will reserve some for you.
     Destiny Farm - 248-789-5384 - anytime or email us at  

     Live inspection of our animals by our customers is welcome, anytime.  

We also have   feeder pigs for sale. Price is  65$ ea.
 Email us if you want us to put your name on a few...  Hemp - York Mix & Durocks

    Here are some examples I found of what you might get from a whole pig: 225 POUNDS live weight

18 lbs pork chops, 4 lbs spare ribs, 12 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 12 lbs shoulder butt roasts, 14 lbs shoulder picnic, 16 lbs bone/trimmings, 30 lbs fat = 150 lbs 
7 lbs pork chops, 8 lbs sausage, 24 lbs ham, 20 lbs bacon, 17 lbs pork roast, 16 lbs picnic and shoulder butts, 7 lbs misc cuts, 5 lbs salt pork, 31 lbs fat = 135 lbs 
23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 18 lbs ground sausage, 30 lbs ham, 16 lbs bacon, 20 lbs shoulder roast, 8 lbs butt roast, 10 lbs stew bones, 16 lbs fat = 147 lbs 
23 lbs pork chops, 6 lbs spare ribs, 9 lbs sausage, 28 lbs ham, 23 lbs bacon, 9 lbs boston butt, 12 lbs picnic roast, 23 lbs fat = 133 lbs