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Do you believe God talks to us in a whisper ? Do you believe you have a Destiny ?

by JONI & Mike Lickey on 01/13/11

For along time now, I [ Joni and I ] have had the feeling that we should build a place that was close to God. A place that showed as many of the great works, created by the lord, that we could, as created by him. Hence, Destiny Farm. No matter how hard we try, it just don't feel or is it getting built, or Finished as great as we had invisioned? We work and work at it but there is always just something?? holding it up. I pray about nonstop for help or strength and vision to complete as great a place as we could create. For all to use and enjoy, everyone. How better to fulfill the comandment to love thy neighbor as you love thy self. I am a Builder, and electrician , a plumber and have built everything from small homes to large commercial buildings to engineered sewer systems to chicken coops. No matter how hard I try, Destiny Farm, just ain't all we invisioned. Lately, all the stars seem to be lining up for us to acuire another farm that we could get and full fill the vision that I feel, God has whispered, in my ear. I feel that this is why my prayers, have not been answered, He likes the Idea, but for him, Destiny farm, is just to small for everyone he wants, to come and enjoy it. When God Created the Heaven and the Earth, his plan was simple. He created all the trees, animals, etc... and when he was done He said " it was Good " Now, it's our turn to build { mankind ] and we always build huge, concrete temples, in his name? I believe, This was never, his intention. I think he would Love us more if we built places that were of his design, Simple and filled with his creations, to be open and enjoyed by all. And, supply all the good things that he gave us athority over, to feed us and all the hungry family's out there we can. Why give all the money, given to God for cold, Uninviting glass and concrete structures?? Jesus was always, out in a field, next to a river.....preaching and even John the Baptise, preached in a river. The Old testament, talks of farm animals, all thru it. Most Kids today, never even have seen a goat or a Lamb. They read the old testiment and just can't relate to the innocence of the Lamb. I know now, having raised many Sheep,they are truely sin free. of all the animals we raise, you raise a few your self and you will see, they are just to trusting in you, to kill. Some of ours, when it comes time to pick a few for the butcher, just lay down and give themselves up to us, no fight, I swear they know whats coming.Those, are still here. They are a kind, caring animal. Their is just to many, uninviting stiff buildings, we preach in, in the name of God, that cost to much to keep up, are nothing even close to what God created and besides lots of room for the study of the word, produces none of other things that lead to living in the word, as he did, as they all did.. Sorry, I ramble. Anyway, I think if God wanted us build him huge churchs, in his name, He would have built a few, in those 6 days..... Where? would be a more comfortable, warm, and closer to Gods way place is there, than a farm. The church itself would be for the preacher, it's members could use the grounds to do all those good things we need to, to live in the word, simple, clean and earned by our own efforts, to support and be helpful to others, and the community. Food for us and others. People in need of food could go to any church and eat, Food was created by God and should be availible TO ALL! Instead of seeing if we have room to raise 1 more cow or a place to plant one more tomato plant, our churchs instead,have to work into there budgets how to fix the concrete steps, or the new addition, More room to just sit empty, and produce nothing, more than they get used. I need to know, AM I WRONG TO THINK THIS? Should I continue to look for support to build it? Would you Join? God say's , were two or more are there in my name, he is there. Would he want this? Just think of all the good we could do with a Church / Farm, Shouldn't the church be there to support Gods followers, as much as it can with all that it can. And , ANYONE that shows up at its doors? Love, compasion, faith. Can you picture it? Sunday, on farm DInners, fresh picked and made by some of the members while others, share the word. Inviting others to come and share the bread with us? God, The word, Good Food and a little wine, Is there anything closer to God with all he created, out in the pasture? Instead of Road noise and hot pavement. If you read this, Pray for us, then please, let us know what you think. I believe that God Whispered this in my ear, and already see's it, I believe he said, " it was good". So I am putting it out there, does anyone want to help? there has never been a better time to build it. It's up to all of you,we can do this. Does it move you. It did me when I was sitting here listening to Kenneth coplin and he said, while I was thinking about this, You just got to get it out there and God Will do the rest. Please, ask other Believers that you know to read this over. I need to know what you think. I would not want to slander, Gods Church's, or build one... Am I wrong about this? Is this Insperation or just a dream ? O Lord, Please give me the wisdom, courage and the words to do your works and spread your will. For the love of Jesus , Amen

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1. Jeff said on 1/28/11 - 12:20PM
No, you are not wrong. I think that you are on the right track. I sent a longer response to your e-mail, hope you get it.
2. Cassie said on 4/26/11 - 10:53AM
Shalom Joni & Mike, I had the pleasure of having two conversations with you today on the phone Mike. They were set up by Yahweh. Divine intervention. Does Yahweh speak to us? HE sure does. HE tells us what to do and how to do it. When we do it we are obeying HIM. Just like you wrote the sheep lie down for slaughter so too did our LORD lay HIS life down for us. Amen!! That touched my heart so deeply. That these animals know they are giving back to you all the love you gave to them. Amen!! The food was put here for us to share and help one another. The word says "do not send anyone away hungry or cold" The word also says if your son asks for a fish will you give him a serpent? NO! Yahweh when we ask knows what we need before we ask. Joni & Mike I am so blessed to have found you both. Thank you Yahweh. I would love for you to learn all about me too on my bog. Thank you so much for obeying Yahweh. In Yahshua with love, Cassie
3. Michael Kaitner said on 4/30/12 - 02:52PM
It good to know people like you are out there,it gives me renewed hope. I think you are right on about money wasted on buildings that foster more material attachment. God has created this world for us and it seems that people want to remove themselves from it. I agree the best place for worship,prayer,meditation is outside among Gods plants and animals.
4. billy nogle said on 11/16/12 - 07:10AM
well wrote mike hope all is well ??

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1 Peter 2:12
12 Be careful to live properly among your unbelieving neighbors. Then even if they accuse you of doing wrong, they will see your honorable behavior, and they will give honor to God when he judges the world.[a]

We can do this [ you and us ] We know of many farms that are or about to be available for us all to give the Idea a try, Church &  Farm . Being able to Praise, Raise and share all the things he gave us . We all could raise, Keep a little for our selves and Give Gods share to people who need his grace. As he intended us to do.   The church of Eden  and the farm of the providers ??

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36 Joseph, whom the apostles nicknamed Barnabas (that is, “one who encourages”), was a Levite from Cyprus.
38 Peter replied, “Change your hearts and lives. Each of you must be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. 39 This promise is for you, your children, and for all who are far away—as many as the Lord our God invites.” 40 With many other words he testified to them and encouraged them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation.” 41 Those who accepted Peter’s message were baptized. God brought about three thousand people into the community on that day.

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10 Fear none of those things, which thou shalt suffer; behold, it shall come to pass, that the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried, and ye shall have tribulation ten days; be thou faithful unto the death, and I will give thee the crown of life. 5

                                      Revelation 2-10