Custom built Coop's from Destiny Farm
                           Built for you and Built to Last
  We build Bird / animal ready, Built to Last, Farm quality Chicken and Pigeon Coop's, Runout shelters, Sheds, Feild Feeders and Flight pens.  We don't just build them, we use them here on the farm for our own birds / Animals.
 All our structures are built from, exterior grade, Plywood, wolminized and cedar lumber. Galvanized fasteners, wire and Hardware.  You can paint to your taste but all will last a long time as Built. 
   Our Coop's and structure come complete or built to whatever stage of construction you wish. We sell allot of frame only coop's, for the guy who just ain't got the time to build it all or do everything but shingles.  Most people have a bundle or two laying around.
 We have used about every type of Coop over the years and learned allot about what's important in a coop. 
 The best coop is the simplest one, a square box with a slat floor and a water tight roof, is all you need.  The birds don't care as long as they can get out of the weather and feel safe.  You will care when it comes time to Clean or Paint.  All those other designs that you see are for your satisfaction not the birds and when it comes time to clean it, you will, see what I mean.  The Coop's with the Egg doors, Great Idea but it just don't work. If you have 6 chickens, 2 may lay where you want them two but the rest will find another spot. 
 For one reason or another you will have to open the door and get into the coop. The egg door only gives critters, another way in.   When it comes time to collect  Eggs or clean the coop, you will find you want a large, entry door, You will not want to bend over or get on your knee's to crawl in it, once 6 or 12 birds have made it home for a week or two. 
  We have coop's that are 12 years old and still in use. We know of a couple people that have sold theirs, 4 - 5 years old for more than we sold it to them for. 
If you need a farm structure of any kind, call us, We'll build it to your budget.
      $200 Deposit required upfront on all ordered coops / structures
      If you wish to order a coop, please go to the farm store, Leave your deposit and  include your phone number.
         Before we start to build it we will call you and get all the details and work out the price.               
The Homesteader

If you are looking to keep 4 - 12 chickens and want to know that they are safe when you leave the house, this is the coop for you. It is simple in design, Easy to clean, safe from most predators, Large enough to stand up in and for your birds to stretch their wings, Less stress. 
  This is our #1 seller and people have called me after a year of use and told me, they sure are glade they took my advice.  One family bought one of those Fancy coop's and told me that every time we got 20 mile a hour wind, they had to drag it back home from the neighbors yard. Now they have one of these and the other is sitting empty, behind the garage.  Another family that bought a coop in a box from the local farm store said that the wood was so thin that they had to add wood around all the doors so they had something to screw the hinges and latch's on the doors to.  That won't happen here.  
 The coop comes with a Slat floor that allows the poop to dry faster and less humid. The slat floor also allows the poop to fall thru onto the ground and wash into the grass.  The grass is always greener, under a coop. LOL 
  If you wish to expand and want to keep a rabbit or two, and a few pigeons or Quail, I can add a pigeon house and a rabbit hutch to this style of coop. The basic coop and Run comes 12' long. If your going to want to keep 12 birds in this one, I can make it 4 ft longer 
[ 16' ] for a small fee. 
 Check it out and let me know, what you think ...
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  Now,,,,, What's it Cost ??
Basic coop is 4' Wide x 12' long x 6'6" to the peak

Basic Coop, - Complete      $750
       EXtras                                   Add

   Rabbit hutch -                                             $75

   Add 4 - 6 bird Pigeon, Quail House   -   $75

   Dusk till dawn  auto Lighting -                $75

  More room to roam, 4' longer run -         $100

   Delivery is $60   call to verify   

Picture is of  a Basic coop w/ outside run and optional Rabbit hutch.   
Want to raise your own chickens for your own fresh eggs  -  
The Coop below is the one  you want. 
We have tried about every style out there, and raise hundreds of chickens,   The Larger and Simpler it is, The easier it is to claen, the better you will like it, In five years.....

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Field Coop for free rangers
This one can also be used as a shed or a combination, Coop / Shed

If your wanting to keep allot of birds, this is the one for you. I can build this one any size you need up to 
6'6" wide x 20' long and still deliver it. 
The inside height is 6' tall and has room in it for many nest box's and roost bars. 

This one I build to fit your Needs. I can put in a concrete floor, a window, a fan, Lights and build it any size. To figure our a price, we need to talk.  Call me, Lets see how low I can go...  They are all alittle different. 

I just built a 4' wide x 12 ft long x 7' tall with a full size door, concrete ready floor, a 30" sq. screened window, 4 nest box's and 12' of roost bars for $850, Picked up here.
  Ready for 25 Egg Layers
One of the farmers that got one of these calls his the egg factory. He said his birds never laid like they do now that they got a new home.  He has 35 birds in his. it was a 4' x 16'. Narrow but works.
Sorry again but this is the only picture I have of this type. I have built 6 or 7 with the same siding I use on the homesteader above, you would think I would have got a picture before it left the driveway ? 
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Need More ? A SUPER  COOP ?
I can build the style above as large as 6'  x 16' long and 7' 6 " Tall -  Good for Pheasants, 30 chickens and more. Call for prices
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A coat of Paint makes it your own
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Thank You M.U.C.C.     
Michigan United Conservation Clubs
 Has put in an Order for our Aviary and Coop's. The nice people there looked at many styles and decided ours were the best and put in an order.  When we get theirs built we will put some pictures on the web site.

Support the MUCC, They support all of us...  
    The Hatchery.  6' X 16' X  7'  tall.  Comes complete with everything you will need to start Hatching and raising chicks to 6 wks old. This one was built for a farm that now hatch and sell 200 meat bird chicks every 3 weeks.   If your looking to start a backyard hatchery  this is a great way to get started.  It is built to be moveable.  Just drop it in place, plug it in and get to hatching. Call us and we will set it up to meet your needs.          This one was $2200 plus hatcher and brooder lites.  
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