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                              The Destiny Farm CSA -  2017
                                                   Joni and Mike Lickey

Joni Lickey, Michael Lickey and All Destiny Farm Members and Customers, constitute,  Destiny Farm. 
Everything Joni & Mike grow, Raise or Produce is for the Sustainability of Destiny Farm . We stride to promote the farm by the pride of the members involved.   We believe that our Job is to provide the Best Products, using the best Method's we can to supply Naturally grown food and food Products to all who decide to Support us. 
   We also Believe that Customers and Members should not be Kept from the process of how the food they eat and supply to their Family's, is raised, grown or processed.  Destiny Farm is a full time, year around, Producer of Agricultural products to meet the demands of It's supporters. 
Members are Invited  to participate in the growing, raising, nurturing of all that is Produced at the farm. You are welcome to help in the starting of the seeds, Planting, watering, weeding, cleaning of cages, Feeding of animals, collecting of eggs, hatching of chicks and if you'd like, the birthing of the baby's. Whatever you have an Interest in, you can do or help with.  If there is some thing we don't do now, that you wish we did do, Just let us know, If we can, we will. 
Our Farm, is your Farm.  All are welcome, Kids, Dogs, grandma, Grandpa even moms and Dads. Stop in on  Saturdays, for just an hour to watch the chickens pecking around or just a walk around the garden and feel the stress just melt away.  A Farm, is the way God Intended us to Live, To Cherish, Respect and enjoy all he has given us control over. 
Standard Membership,  Consists of up to 250 pounds of Fresh picked Produce over one farm year . The farm year begins the day your Membership is Paid and Ends DEC. 15 th.  Poundage and the type of Produce picked for you, will be your choice from all the produce we grow. But all have a right to a equal share of all that is grown.
Each Member can come and pick their fair share at anytime they decide they need it, a pound a day or 20 pounds a week, when available.  
at the rate that they come in. This year we will try to include up to 5 lb of fresh honey when available, in the fall, from our own hives here on the farm.  , we'll see how it goes. 
   Members can call Joni anytime or visit to keep in touch.   We are also going to try to keep up on a Members page on the web site to Notify members of farm specials on Meats, Special buy's and Products offered from other farms. 
Also included in the Standard Membership is a 25% discount on all other things produced, Not already  included in the membership, that is produced here on the farm.  The List below is Member pricing for specific Items available thru out the farm year. 

 Standard Membership is $450 for one farm year as described above. Below is the list of other products and price's offered to Members only.  All Produce will be picked up at the farm, either picked by you or By us for you.  For all meat orders, We will deliver the animals to the butcher to be processed,  Members will have to pick up their orders at the processor. We will arrange with you and the processor the timing of your order and members will have two days to pick their orders up. if not picked up on time, destiny farm will pick it up and offer no refund. The USDA say's we are not allowed to handle or store meat once it has been processed for you.  Prices on Meat are for the actual hanging  weight , the type of processing and the cost of Processing are not included in the meat prices and are paid by the Purchaser. 

Fresh Eggs - 1 dozen - $2.50ea       
Beef, Pork, Rabbit,  Duck, Goose, Chicken, Turkey , Lamb - $3.00 / lb Hanging weight
Hanging Flower, vegetable or lettuce Baskets - $7.50 ea. 
These are Examples of Items and Prices, all Items not listed here and produced here on the farm will be discounted 25% the market or farmstand price to all farm Members. 
  If you are a member and desire a Large amount of anything that is Raised or Produced here on the farm, Just ask, We will do the best that we can to give you the product and the price you require. 

Now the Ugly stuff, for us and you. 
 We will do our best to make your farm commitment the best investment you ever got involved with, But, Like all things produced in agriculture, we can not be held responsible for things we can not control, Such as the weather, seed failure, Plant disease's, plant viruses and more. Although we will do our best to head these things off and keep them from 
hindering our ability to supply you , your fair share, When Growing Naturally with out the use of chemicals, sometime it becomes out of our control. If for any reason,  Destiny Farm can't supply what it has agree' d to supply you,  you will be refunded the balance of the membership fee charged, minus $2 a pound for any produce already Received by you. 
 No matter what happens, on or off the farm the limit of the liability to Destiny farm, Mike or Joni Lickey will be only the amount paid by you to Destiny Farm as the Membership fee.  By you joining The Destiny Farm CSA, you will be considered a part owner and you will defend Destiny farm, Mike and Joni and all other Members to the best of your ability. If you bring anyone to the farm as a Guest, you are responsible for all things that occur on their visit.  
A farm can be a Great place or a very Dangerous Place, When you come to the farm, Please, Keep your eyes on your Kids, Mind where you walk and step. And No climbing in the pens with the Animals. They are Animals and at any given time go from being nice to mean. If you are in their pen, you are in their space and destiny farm can not be held responsible for anybody's Ignorance. Please respect the Land, Structures, animals and other members on your visits to Destiny Farm.  If for any reason these standards can not be met or the safety of the Member, other Members, other visitors, or the farm cannot be respected by a member , they will be asked to leave and their membership will be null and void. No refund will be given. 

 Also, It is very important that you understand that a farm is an inherently Dangerous Place.  Members / Visitors bear all the responsibility for any and all people, children or animals they bring onto or into the property of Destiny Farm. We try our best to keep you safe but the responsibility is yours. WATCH YOUR KIDS EVERY SECOND OF YOUR Visit.  
  By signing this area, you understand that you will hold Mike and Joni Lickey AKA Destiny Farm Harmless for any harm you incurred on a visit to the farm.

Please sign Here             ________________________________________________                                                                           

               Please sign and acknowledge that you have read and agree with the statement above.     

OK, with all that said, Lets have a great summer, We will do our best to  make everyone happy and you should plan on spending a lot of time here, reconnecting with a farm and all the good they supply.

Please read this entire page and if you agree,and wish to Support the Destiny Farm CSA,  print this page off, Sign each section any where to show you have read it ,understand and agree with it. Then mail it to us at the farm address With a check or just pay online thru the farm store. Membership starts upon delivery of a signed Understanding and Payment in full of the Membership fee.

                                        Mike Or Joni Lickey - 13078 windy Hollow, Milford Michigan 48380     248-789-5384  anytime

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