Chicken coop package  You will get everything you will need to start your own, Backyard egg factory.   
         You will get - - -

    4' x 12' Homesteader Coop
   Complete and ready for paint and birds


You choose what birds you want from any of the chickens we hatch. You can also choose when you want it ready, now - May
You also can pick the age of your birds, Chicks or Juveniles.

 Package Price - $850.00

You must put down a $200 deposit upon placing the order and pay balance upon Pickup or  before delivery. Order Now and save..

Leghorns -

Ordered online
Pickup on the farm  early March  2017

Turkey's $ 6.50 ea
Day old
Broad Breasted whites/Bronze

Place your Order and save
Pick up will be in early april

Currently Hatching

We are now taking orders for  2017, Coop ready Hens.

   Please get your Orders in soon, we only have so many.    They are $12 ea.,  will be 12 - 14 weeks old and will start laying egg at 17 weeks old.  Call Mike for Availability and pick up dates.  Call anytime 248-789-5384 or send us your order below and we'll call you when they are ready.

   A 50% deposit is required to secure your order . 
Things You might need for those chicks,
  Pickup at the farm or  I can ship.

Chick Waterier, no spill-         $5.00/w.jar

Clip on brooder lamp-          $15.00 w/bulb     

Pine shavings,bedding-        $10.00/L.bale      

Chick Feeder - Quart Jar-      $5.00/w.jar

Brooder box - to buy--          $25.00/plastic

Brooder set up -                    $50.00

Want to hatch your own eggs??

 Little Giant Air,no turn, Incubator
  good starter unit--      $67.00

Little Giant With Egg Turner 
 complete unit,better hatch's    $119.00

If you Have any Questions on The Keeping of Chickens, Please Don't Hesitate On sending us your Question, If We don't have the answer We sure as heck find it for you....
  • Looking for something INTERESTING TO READ??? Look up Michigan's - Right To Farm Law, Learn your right to grow and Raise your Own!!!.
  • Did you know?? There is no law that states the size of a farm. The supreme court of Michigan says that a farm is any place that commercially produces a product useful to humans... This means if you have a chicken and you sell or try to sell the eggs that  chicken lay's, you are a Farm...
  • Everyone, Everywhere in Michigan has a right to Farm. This is your state Law but city hall won't tell you about it. I had this Battle and have learned so much about our right to grow, raise and share Any and All thing Beneficial to humans..
  • Please take the time to look up MICHIGANS<RIGHT TO FARM LAW, Know your rights when that zoning guy shows up and say's , YOU CAN"T DO THAT >>>
  • Michigan has the strongest right to farm laws in the U.S. 
  • I am a Novice at the website thing and haven't figured out how to put the links to great place to get info on yet. AS soon as I do I will be listing all the info about our right to FARM..  Till then, please email me with any questions. I can help...
Click here if you need a 
Coop ?
Click on the above to read the actual Law
Poultry Info link
These are pictures of the brooder box's  - Aruacana's, Rhode Island reds, White Rocks, Australorps,Buff Orpingtons and Isa's   
This is a perfect Pheasant, Pigeon, Chicken Aviary. If you always wanted to Raise birds, I can build you one just like it. This is a 16' x 16' with a raised coop and a chicken coop. The guy I built it for is putting a round window in the facing wall of the raised coop so he can see his birds in there at nite, It has lites up in there too. 

Aviary            -  16' x 16'    
Raised coop   _    6' x 6'   
Chicken coop   - - 4' x 12'   

It sure would Look good in Your backyard, 
Order one today 
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   12 Chicken Hatching Eggs   -- $18.00
You will get 12 fresh eggs 
 Email or call  Joni first for current list of eggs, Email your order back. 
  payment Thru paypal.
           Call Joni @ 248-789-5384
                          $30 INCLUDES  Shipping

 Farm Store

                                                                  The Keeping of Chickens  -  101

There is really just one essential to keeping adult chickens warm in winter: provide a solid shelter. Chickens are not able to stay outside at night in freezing weather so they must have a suitable building that stays dry and free of drafts. A good layer of straw or shavings on the ground will make a nice insulated layer to walk on. Any open or chicken-wire windows need to be covered with Plexiglas or heavy clear plastic, to stop the draft but not the light.
The chickens should also have a place to roost off the ground. The roost should only be made of wood, not metal or plastic, so their feet can stay warm while roosting. And they should be provided with unfrozen water at all times, preferably with a heater in the water or under the waterier to keep the temperature just above freezing. A good commercial layer feed should provide them with the energy they need to maintain their body temperatures.
In the coldest of weather they will huddle together, fluff out their feathers, tuck their heads under their wings, and this is sufficient, even when it is below freezing in the coop. The only one who may suffer is the rooster if he has a large comb. A comb is subject to frostbite. He may lose his comb and this can be painful but does not usually cause a future problem; it is just unsightly as there will be a partial comb remaining, outlined in black. The best way to avoid this is to only keep roosters from breeds that have combs flat to the head.
Do not put your chickens in a heated room. This can actually be very dangerous for them as there is a bigger contrast in inside and outside temperatures. Also, bacteria that normally would be kept down by the cold can flourish in the moist heat possibly leading to lung problems. If there is to be a really unusual cold snap, a heat lamp can be put in the coop to keep the ambient temperature closer to freezing, but do not warm up the coop.
Most hens naturally decrease or stop egg production all together in the winter, but a few breeds have been bred for winter laying. If the weather is cold you will need to pick eggs more frequently, maybe two or three times a day. In a real cold snap, the eggs may still freeze and break if you don't retrieve them immediately after being laid.
A major exception to all of this is if you are brooding chicks. They must be kept protected from all drafts with a solid barrier surrounding them, and protected from the cold, usually by way of a heat lamp directly over them. They will tell you if they are too warm or too cold by their behavior: too warm and they stay away from the lamp, too cold and they huddle together under it, just right and they are randomly placed around the brooder. If you don't have air-tight facilities to maintain heat for baby chicks then it is just better to avoid raising them during the winter.
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 The  Bird Hatchery at Destiny Farm  -  A Family Run and cage free bird facility 
    , Many types of Birds, We will hatch as little as 10 at a time to as many as 3000.  Chickens, Turkey's and about any type of birds you can think of.  Call anytime
We Love to help, If your new to birds, feel free to call .
 Destiny Farm - 13078 Windy Hollow, Milford, 48380 - 248-789-5384 - Email us at
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Chick's, Picked up on the farm.
Any Chicks not ordered online, in advance,
picked up and paid for on the farm are - 
               $3.50 ea. - $750 ea.                                  
Pre Order , Online
 Pick as many breeds as you want and tell us when you want them. Place your order now and save
Click on buy this button and type in types of Chicks and when you want them  in the comments box. at checkout.  When we get your order, we will email you back to confirm the delivery date. If you need them shipped to you, contact us first  for your cost of shipping.

     Available Year Round

RingNeck Pheasants are included in this sale.
Order early - 
MEAT BIRDS Cornish x       
Order now to secure your birds even if your not sure when you want them yet. Lock in Now.
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Please Read if you plan on Visiting
 Also, It is very important that you understand that a farm is an inherently Dangerous Place.  customers bear all the responsibility for any and all people, children or animals they bring onto or into the property of Destiny Farm. We try our best to keep you safe but the responsibility is yours. WATCH YOUR KIDS EVERY SECOND OF YOUR Visit.  
  By Reading this, you understand that you will hold Mike and Joni Lickey AKA Destiny Farm Harmless for any harm you incurred on a visit to the farm.
order chicks here
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Click on above PDF and print it out. It is Michigan St. University's  review of the law and who is protected 
Need Started or Ready to lay ISA Browns, White Leghorns or Aruacana's? 
We raise thousands and have them February -- July. We have 4 weeks to 16 weeks old.  , Fully feathered and coop ready.  They are the best of the best and the birds YOU should have if you want Eggs. Please, get your order in early if you want birds in the spring. Prices are from $5 - 12$ depending on age at Pickup.

Contact Us
Contact Us
We also have a small amount of coop ready, Americanas, Rhode Islands, Buff Orpingtons Leghorns for September 2017. Call us to see whats still available.   Mike 248-789-5384  anytime