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I-96 and Kensington just off  the bottom of the map. Exit at Exit # 151 go north 1/2 mile
 Destiny Farm  2017 CSA,  Join the farm
If you would like to become a farm member Please, Let us Know. We will be offering Fresh Vegetables, Herbs, Some fruits and Melons.  All Naturally  Grown using natural Methods. We will also be  offering Fresh Beef, Pork, Chickens, Ducks, Goose, Fresh Eggs, Turkey's, and Lamb, all Raised cage free and humanely processed at a discounted price to members. If you are Interested, Now is the time to  send us an email too let us know . 
 Open to you, 24-7 

Thank You
Need A Coop or Just Looking for Ideas?  Click Here...
Coops Page 

We can build and deliver you,
Garden Sheds
 an Out House
Chicken Coop's
Rabbit Hutch
Breeder House's
Nesting box's
Runout Shelters
and   More...

Email me your needs
 2017 CSA - Farm Memberships

#1 Love God  #2 Love your neighbor
Destiny Farm is a member of the Loud and proud Jesus  Network...
 you too can Join,  for free !  Believe and feel the power of faith.
His plan is great and he don't make mistakes. He's waiting for you...


  • Destiny Farm is a small farm located 1/2 mile north of  I-96 on Kensington road, in Brighton township . 

  • We have a  farm stand  where we sell the veggie's we grow,  fresh eggs, hatching eggs, chick's, adult birds 

  • We  grow, raise and hatch Chickens,  Year Round.   Your welcome to call any time to say hi or put in your order fo meat, chicks a coop or some veggies.

  • We  Raise animals for Meat, Breeding or pets.
  • Pigs, Cows, Turkey, Chickens, Jacob Sheep

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    WHERE WE GROW & HATCH FOR YOU!!!!            1/2 mile north of I96 on Kensington RD
                                       A  Family  built & run Farm & Hatchery, and is Built on Land on Loan, From GOD.

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             Please Read if you plan on Visiting
       It is very important that you understand that a farm is an inherently Dangerous Place.  customers bear all the responsibility for any and all people, children or animals they bring onto or into the property of Destiny Farm. We try our best to keep you safe but the responsibility is yours. 
Juvenile Birds, Coop ready, 12 - 14 weeks old and ready for pickup in May - September - 2017

 ​Call for availability or visit the birds page to put in your order. 

               Mike 248-789-5384  anytime
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And on the 8th day God looked down on his planned paradise and said, I need a caretaker! . So, God made a farmer!
Pork and Beef for non farm members
 Members get special pricing. 

If you want to order  A  1/4 , 1/2 or a whole side of cow or pig,   Send us a deposit and then send us your order, We will tell you when your order will be ready.   Cows and Pigs are $3.50 a pound hanging weight, 
plus 38 cents a pound for Processing  .
 Average weight of a 1/2 a pig is 100 pounds and the average hanging weight of  1/2 a cow is around 400 pounds
All are raised on natural feeds, no salts, hormones or steroids. 
They are fed grass, Grains and are cage free. 

      Our Animals only get soy for the first 2 or 3 weeks of life. 

Now is the time to get your plant, Compost,   Coop and Chicken orders to us.    Or Joining the CSA.
Even if your not ready to pay or your just thinking about it, Shoot us an email so we can get a feel for the spring.   We Just hate when people show up and say  " I wish I would have called "  
Contact Us
Or Call, Mike     248-789-5384  anytime